Struct stm32f30x::Syst [] [src]

pub struct Syst { pub csr: RW<u32>, pub rvr: RW<u32>, pub cvr: RW<u32>, pub calib: RO<u32>, }

SysTick register block


Control and Status

Reload Value

Current Value

Calibration Value


impl Syst

Checks if counter is enabled

Enables counter

Disables counter

Checks if SysTick interrupt is enabled

Enables SysTick interrupt

Disables SysTick interrupt

Gets clock source

Sets clock source

Checks if the counter wrapped (underflowed) since the last check

Gets reload value

Sets reload value

Valid values are between 1 and 0x00ffffff.

Gets current value

Clears current value to 0

After calling clear_current(), the next call to has_wrapped() will return false.

Returns the reload value with which the counter would wrap once per 10 ms

Returns 0 if the value is not known (e.g. because the clock can change dynamically).

Checks if the calibration value is precise

Returns false if using the reload value returned by get_ticks_per_10ms() may result in a period significantly deviating from 10 ms.

Checks if an external reference clock is available