Struct stm32f30x::Nvic [] [src]

pub struct Nvic { pub iser: [RW<u32>; 8], pub icer: [RW<u32>; 8], pub ispr: [RW<u32>; 8], pub icpr: [RW<u32>; 8], pub iabr: [RO<u32>; 8], pub ipr: [RW<u8>; 240], // some fields omitted }

NVIC register block


Interrupt Set-Enable

Interrupt Clear-Enable

Interrupt Set-Pending

Interrupt Clear-Pending

Interrupt Active Bit

Interrupt Priority


impl Nvic

Clears interrupt's pending state

Disables interrupt

Enables interrupt

Gets the "priority" of interrupt

NOTE NVIC encodes priority in the highest bits of a byte so values like 1 and 2 have the same priority. Also for NVIC priorities, a lower value (e.g. 16) has higher priority than a larger value (e.g. 32).

Is interrupt active or pre-empted and stacked

Checks if interrupt is enabled

Checks if interrupt is pending

Forces interrupt into pending state

Sets the "priority" of interrupt to prio

NOTE See get_priority method for an explanation of how NVIC priorities work.