Struct stepflow_data::StateDataFiltered[][src]

pub struct StateDataFiltered<'sd> { /* fields omitted */ }

Wrapper to a StateData that provides a filtered view of the data contained


impl<'sd> StateDataFiltered<'sd>[src]

pub fn new(state_data: &'sd StateData, allowed_var_ids: HashSet<VarId>) -> Self[src]

Wrap the state_data with a filtered view. Only IDs specified in allowed_var_ids are visible.

pub fn get(&self, var_id: &VarId) -> Option<&ValidVal>[src]

pub fn contains(&self, var_id: &VarId) -> bool[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'sd> !RefUnwindSafe for StateDataFiltered<'sd>

impl<'sd> Send for StateDataFiltered<'sd>

impl<'sd> Sync for StateDataFiltered<'sd>

impl<'sd> Unpin for StateDataFiltered<'sd>

impl<'sd> !UnwindSafe for StateDataFiltered<'sd>

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