Enum st7735_async_low::Colmod[][src]

pub enum Colmod {

Color mode (the bit widths of the R, G and B components of a pixel).

The native format is 6-bit for each component. When another (smaller) mode is used, the LCD will internally translate each component into the 6-bit format with a lookup table. See Sec 9.18 “Color Depth Conversion Look Up Tables” of the ST7735S datasheet for the lookup table (LUT).



Each component has 4 bits. LUT will be used.


Red has 5 bits; green has 6 bits; blue has 5 bits. LUT will be used.


Each compoment has 6 bits. This is the native format; LUT will not be used.


No idea when this value can be used.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Colmod[src]

impl Copy for Colmod[src]

impl Debug for Colmod[src]

impl Default for Colmod[src]

impl Display for Colmod[src]

impl From<u8> for Colmod[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Colmod

impl Sync for Colmod

impl Unpin for Colmod

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