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pub use errors::JackResult;
pub use handler::JackCallbackContext;
pub use handler::JackControl;
pub use handler::JackHandler;
pub use handler::JackLoggingHandler;
pub use handler::set_logging_handler;
pub use port::JackPort;


Callback-based JACK API functions (logging, processing).


Type argument for activated connections.
Type argument for deactivated connections.
A connection to a JACK server (known as a “client” in the JACK docs).
Options for opening a connection to JACK, formed by OR-ing together desired values from the consts OPEN_*.
A port has a set of flags that are formed by OR-ing together the desired values from the consts PORT_*. The flags “JackPortIsInput” and “JackPortIsOutput” are mutually exclusive and it is an error to use them both.
Status of an operation.



Do not automatically start the JACK server when it is not already running. This option is always selected if $JACK_NO_START_SERVER is defined in the calling process environment.
Use the exact client name requested. Otherwise, JACK automatically generates a unique one, if needed.
A call to jack_port_request_monitor() makes sense.
This port can receive data.
Data can be read from this port.
The port corresponds to some kind of physical I/O connector.
For an input port: the data received by this port will not be passed on or made available at any other port.
Overall operation failed.
Unable to initialise client.
The operation contained an invalid or unsupported option.
Unable to load internal client.
The desired client name was not unique. With the JackUseExactName option this situation is fatal. Otherwise, the name was modified by appending a dash and a two-digit number in the range “-01” to “-99”. The jack_get_client_name() function will return the exact string that was used. If the specified client_name plus these extra characters would be too long, the open fails instead.
Requested client does not exist.
Communication error with the JACK server.
Unable to connect to the JACK server.
The JACK server was started as a result of this operation. Otherwise, it was running already. In either case the caller is now connected to jackd, so there is no race condition. When the server shuts down, the client will find out.
Unable to access shared memory.
Client’s protocol version does not match.



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