[][src]Struct spinning_top::RawSpinlock

pub struct RawSpinlock { /* fields omitted */ }

Provides mutual exclusion based on spinning on an AtomicBool.

It's recommended to use this type either combination with lock_api::Mutex or through the Spinlock type.


use lock_api::RawMutex;
let lock = spinning_top::RawSpinlock::INIT;
assert_eq!(lock.try_lock(), true); // lock it
assert_eq!(lock.try_lock(), false); // can't be locked a second time
lock.unlock(); // unlock it
assert_eq!(lock.try_lock(), true); // now it can be locked again

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for RawSpinlock[src]

impl RawMutex for RawSpinlock[src]

type GuardMarker = GuardSend

Marker type which determines whether a lock guard should be Send. Use one of the GuardSend or GuardNoSend helper types here. Read more

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