[][src]Trait snafu::ErrorCompat

pub trait ErrorCompat {
    pub fn backtrace(&self) -> Option<&Backtrace> { ... }

Backports changes to the Error trait to versions of Rust lacking them.

It is recommended to always call these methods explicitly so that it is easy to replace usages of this trait when you start supporting a newer version of Rust.

ErrorCompat::backtrace(&error); // Recommended
error.backtrace();              // Discouraged

Provided methods

pub fn backtrace(&self) -> Option<&Backtrace>[src]

Returns a Backtrace that may be printed.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a, E> ErrorCompat for &'a E where
    E: ErrorCompat

impl<E> ErrorCompat for Box<E> where
    E: ErrorCompat

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impl ErrorCompat for ConfigFileError[src]

impl ErrorCompat for snafu::guide::examples::backtrace::Error[src]

impl ErrorCompat for snafu::guide::examples::basic::Error[src]

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