snafu 0.6.10

An ergonomic error handling library


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SNAFU is a library to easily assign underlying errors into domain-specific errors while adding context.

use snafu::{ResultExt, Snafu};
use std::{fs, io, path::PathBuf};

#[derive(Debug, Snafu)]
enum Error {
    #[snafu(display("Unable to read configuration from {}: {}", path.display(), source))]
    ReadConfiguration { source: io::Error, path: PathBuf },

    #[snafu(display("Unable to write result to {}: {}", path.display(), source))]
    WriteResult { source: io::Error, path: PathBuf },

type Result<T, E = Error> = std::result::Result<T, E>;

fn process_data() -> Result<()> {
    let path = "config.toml";
    let configuration = fs::read_to_string(path).context(ReadConfiguration { path })?;
    let path = unpack_config(&configuration);
    fs::write(&path, b"My complex calculation").context(WriteResult { path })?;

fn unpack_config(data: &str) -> &str {

Please see the documentation and the user's guide for a full description.