pub trait SliceNestExt<T> {
    fn nest<V: IsSliceomorphic<Element = T>>(&self) -> &[V]Notable traits for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Read for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Write for &'_ mut [u8];
fn nest_mut<V: IsSliceomorphic<Element = T>>(&mut self) -> &mut [V]Notable traits for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Read for &'_ [u8]impl<'_> Write for &'_ mut [u8]; }
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Permits viewing a slice as a slice of arrays.

The new array dimension can often be inferred. When it is not, a turbofish can be used: .nest::<[_; 3]>().


All methods panic if the input length is not divisible by n.


The methods are available on &[T] and &mut [T] for all T. Of course, they are also available on Vec<T> and any other type that derefs or unsizes to [T].

The implementation for N=0 panics! (even if the length of the slice is zero, as in this case the length of the nested slice would be degenerate)


The existence of this trait is an implementation detail. Future versions may split it up, merge or rename it. Therefore, please do NOT use this trait as a generic bound in your code.

(Prefer <V> where V: IsSliceomorphic<Element=T> instead)

Required methods

View &[T] as &[[T; n]] without copying.

View &mut [T] as &mut [[T; n]] without copying.

Implementations on Foreign Types