Trait slice_of_array::SliceNestExt [] [src]

pub trait SliceNestExt<T> {
    fn nest<V: IsSliceomorphic<Element = T>>(&self) -> &[V];
fn nest_mut<V: IsSliceomorphic<Element = T>>(&mut self) -> &mut [V]; }

Permits viewing a slice as a slice of arrays.

The new array dimension can often be inferred. When it is not, a turbofish can be used: .nest::<[_; 3]>().


All methods panic if the input length is not divisible by n.


The methods are available on &[T] and &mut [T] for all T. Of course, they are also available on Vec<T> and any other type that derefs or unsizes to [T].


The existence of this trait is an implementation detail.

Please do NOT use this trait as a generic bound in your code.

Required Methods

View &[T] as &[[T;n]] without copying.

View &mut [T] as &mut [[T;n]] without copying.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T> SliceNestExt<T> for [T]