[][src]Struct signal_hook::iterator::Async

pub struct Async { /* fields omitted */ }

An asynchronous stream of registered signals.

It is created by converting Signals. See Signals::into_async.


If you register multiple signals, then create multiple Signals instances by cloning and convert them to Async, one of them can „steal“ wakeups for several signals at once. This one will produce the signals while the others will be silent.

This has an effect if the one consumes them slowly or is dropped after the first one.

It is recommended not to clone the Signals instances and keep just one Async stream around.


impl Async[src]

pub fn new(signals: Signals, handle: &Handle) -> Result<Self, Error>[src]

Creates a new Async.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Async[src]

impl Stream for Async[src]

type Item = c_int

The type of item this stream will yield on success.

type Error = Error

The type of error this stream may generate.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Async

impl Send for Async

impl Sync for Async

impl Unpin for Async

impl !UnwindSafe for Async

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