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Deserializing maps to tuple-vecs.

To use, just include a Vec<(String, ...)> in your struct instead of a HashMap<String, ...> and tag it with #[serde(with = "tuple_vec_map"):

extern crate tuple_vec_map;

#[derive(Serialize, Deserialize)]
struct SomeData {
    other_stuff: u32,
    #[serde(with = "tuple_vec_map")]
    inner_data: Vec<(String, String)>,

That’s it! Now your structure accepts an inner_data Map or JSON Object, and instead of making a HashMap for the data, the key/value pairs are simply collected into a Vec.


To use without std, depend on serde-tuple-vec-map with default-features = false. This will still depend on the alloc crate, and requires Rust 1.36.0 or newer.


Deserialize to a Vec<(K, V)> as if it were a HashMap<K, V>.

Serialize an array of (K, V) pairs as if it were a HashMap<K, V>.