[][src]Struct sentry_core::Envelope

pub struct Envelope { /* fields omitted */ }

A Sentry Envelope.

An Envelope is the data format that Sentry uses for Ingestion. It can contain multiple Items, some of which are related, such as Events, and Event Attachments. Other Items, such as Sessions are independent.

See the documentation on Envelopes for more details.


impl Envelope[src]

pub fn new() -> Envelope[src]

Creates a new empty Envelope.

pub fn add_item<I>(&mut self, item: I) where
    I: Into<EnvelopeItem>, 

Add a new Envelope Item.

pub fn items(&self) -> EnvelopeItemIter<'_>

Notable traits for EnvelopeItemIter<'s>

impl<'s> Iterator for EnvelopeItemIter<'s> type Item = &'s EnvelopeItem;

Create an Iterator over all the EnvelopeItems.

pub fn uuid(&self) -> Option<&Uuid>[src]

Returns the Envelopes Uuid, if any.

pub fn event(&self) -> Option<&Event<'static>>[src]

Returns the Event contained in this Envelope, if any.

pub fn to_writer<W>(&self, writer: W) -> Result<(), Error> where
    W: Write

Serialize the Envelope into the given Write.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Envelope[src]

impl Debug for Envelope[src]

impl Default for Envelope[src]

impl From<Event<'static>> for Envelope[src]

impl From<Transaction<'static>> for Envelope[src]

impl PartialEq<Envelope> for Envelope[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for Envelope[src]

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