[][src]Struct semver::Version

pub struct Version {
    pub major: u64,
    pub minor: u64,
    pub patch: u64,
    pub pre: Vec<Identifier>,
    pub build: Vec<Identifier>,

Represents a version number conforming to the semantic versioning scheme.


major: u64

The major version, to be incremented on incompatible changes.

minor: u64

The minor version, to be incremented when functionality is added in a backwards-compatible manner.

patch: u64

The patch version, to be incremented when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made.

pre: Vec<Identifier>

The pre-release version identifier, if one exists.

build: Vec<Identifier>

The build metadata, ignored when determining version precedence.


impl Version[src]

pub fn new(major: u64, minor: u64, patch: u64) -> Version[src]

Contructs the simple case without pre or build.

pub fn parse(version: &str) -> Result<Version, SemVerError>[src]

Parse a string into a semver object.


Returns an error variant if the input could not be parsed as a semver object.

In general, this means that the provided string does not conform to the semver spec.

An error for overflow is returned if any numeric component is larger than what can be stored in u64.

The following are examples for other common error causes:

  • 1.0 - too few numeric components are used. Exactly 3 are expected.
  • 1.0.01 - a numeric component has a leading zero.
  • 1.0.foo - uses a non-numeric components where one is expected.
  • 1.0.0foo - metadata is not separated using a legal character like, + or -.
  • 1.0.0+foo_123 - contains metadata with an illegal character (_). Legal characters for metadata include a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, and . (dot).

pub fn increment_patch(&mut self)[src]

Increments the patch number for this Version (Must be mutable)

pub fn increment_minor(&mut self)[src]

Increments the minor version number for this Version (Must be mutable)

As instructed by section 7 of the spec, the patch number is reset to 0.

pub fn increment_major(&mut self)[src]

Increments the major version number for this Version (Must be mutable)

As instructed by section 8 of the spec, the minor and patch numbers are reset to 0

pub fn is_prerelease(&self) -> bool[src]

Checks to see if the current Version is in pre-release status

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Version[src]

impl Debug for Version[src]

impl Display for Version[src]

impl Eq for Version[src]

impl From<(u64, u64, u64)> for Version[src]

impl From<Version> for Version[src]

impl FromStr for Version[src]

type Err = SemVerError

The associated error which can be returned from parsing.

impl Hash for Version[src]

impl Ord for Version[src]

impl PartialEq<Version> for Version[src]

impl PartialOrd<Version> for Version[src]

impl StructuralEq for Version[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Version

impl Send for Version

impl Sync for Version

impl Unpin for Version

impl UnwindSafe for Version

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