[][src]Enum seed::dom_types::Node

pub enum Node<Ms: 'static> {

A component in our virtual DOM. MDN reference web_sys reference




impl<Ms> Node<Ms>[src]

pub fn from_markdown(markdown: &str) -> Vec<Node<Ms>>[src]

See El::from_markdown

pub fn from_html(html: &str) -> Vec<Node<Ms>>[src]

See El::from_html

pub fn add_child(&mut self, node: Node<Ms>) -> &mut Self[src]

See El::add_child

pub fn add_attr(
    &mut self,
    key: impl Into<Cow<'static, str>>,
    val: impl Into<AtValue>
) -> &mut Self

See El::add_attr

pub fn add_class(&mut self, name: impl Into<Cow<'static, str>>) -> &mut Self[src]

/// See `El::add_class``

pub fn add_style(
    &mut self,
    key: impl Into<St>,
    val: impl Into<CSSValue>
) -> &mut Self

See El::add_style

pub fn add_listener(&mut self, listener: Listener<Ms>) -> &mut Self[src]

See El::add_listener

pub fn add_text(&mut self, text: impl Into<Cow<'static, str>>) -> &mut Self[src]

See El::add_text

pub fn replace_text(&mut self, text: impl Into<Cow<'static, str>>) -> &mut Self[src]

See El::replace_text

pub fn get_text(&self) -> String[src]

See El::get_text

impl<Ms> Node<Ms>[src]

pub fn new_text(text: impl Into<Cow<'static, str>>) -> Self[src]

pub fn is_text(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn is_el(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn is_empty(&self) -> bool[src]

pub fn text(&self) -> Option<&Text>[src]

pub fn el(&self) -> Option<&El<Ms>>[src]

impl<Ms> Node<Ms>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl<Ms: 'static, OtherMs: 'static> MessageMapper<Ms, OtherMs> for Node<Ms>[src]

type SelfWithOtherMs = Node<OtherMs>

fn map_message(
    f: impl FnOnce(Ms) -> OtherMs + 'static + Clone
) -> Node<OtherMs>

See note on impl for El

impl<Ms> UpdateEl<El<Ms>> for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<Ms: 'static> View<Ms> for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<'_, Ms> From<&'_ Element> for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<Ms: 'static> Clone for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<Ms: PartialEq + 'static> PartialEq<Node<Ms>> for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<Ms: Debug + 'static> Debug for Node<Ms>[src]

impl<Ms: 'static> StructuralPartialEq for Node<Ms>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Ms> !Send for Node<Ms>

impl<Ms> !Sync for Node<Ms>

impl<Ms> Unpin for Node<Ms> where
    Ms: Unpin

impl<Ms> !UnwindSafe for Node<Ms>

impl<Ms> !RefUnwindSafe for Node<Ms>

Blanket Implementations

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