Trait scratchpad::Tracking[][src]

pub trait Tracking: Sized {
    fn capacity(&self) -> usize;
fn set(&mut self, index: usize, value: usize);
fn get(&self, index: usize) -> usize; }

Trait for Scratchpad allocation tracking containers.

Each Marker is tracked within a Scratchpad using only a single usize value per allocation. Actual storage of such values can be implemented in any manner (memory does not need to be contiguous, for instance).

Scratchpad and Marker will never call get() for a given index if set() has not been previously called for the same index, so values can be left uninitialized prior to set() calls.

Required methods

fn capacity(&self) -> usize[src]

Returns the total number of allocations that can be stored in this container.

fn set(&mut self, index: usize, value: usize)[src]

Stores a value at the specified index.

fn get(&self, index: usize) -> usize[src]

Retrieves the value from the specified index.

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impl<T> Tracking for T where
    T: Buffer

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