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Generate and verify Schnorr signatures on secp256k1. Uses secp256kfun.

Schnorr signatures were introduced (and patented until 2008) by their namesake in Efficient Signature Generation by Smart Cards. This implementation is based on the BIP-340 specification, but is flexible enough to be used as a general purpose Schnorr signature scheme.


schnorr_fun = "0.6"
sha2 = "0.9"

Should use?

This library and secp256kfun are experimental.


use schnorr_fun::{
    fun::{marker::*, Scalar, nonce},
use sha2::Sha256;
use rand::rngs::ThreadRng;
// Use synthetic nonces
let nonce_gen = nonce::Synthetic::<Sha256, nonce::GlobalRng<ThreadRng>>::default();
let schnorr = Schnorr::<Sha256, _>::new(nonce_gen.clone());
// Generate your public/private key-pair
let keypair = schnorr.new_keypair(Scalar::random(&mut rand::thread_rng()));
// Sign a variable length message
let message = Message::<Public>::plain("the-times-of-london", b"Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks");
// Sign the message with our keypair
let signature = schnorr.sign(&keypair, message);
// Get the verifier's key
let verification_key = keypair.verification_key();
// Check it's valid 🍿
assert!(schnorr.verify(&verification_key, message, &signature));


  • BIP-340 compliant signing and verification
  • Adaptor signatures


pub use secp256kfun as fun;


Algorithms for Schnorr “adaptor signature” signature encryption.

Nonce Genration utilities


A secret and public key-pair for generating Schnorr signatures.

A message to be signed.

An instance of a BIP-340 style Schnorr signature scheme.

A Schnorr signature.