[][src]Struct sc_telemetry::TelemetryConfig

pub struct TelemetryConfig {
    pub endpoints: TelemetryEndpoints,
    pub wasm_external_transport: Option<ExtTransport>,

Configuration for telemetry.


endpoints: TelemetryEndpoints

Collection of telemetry WebSocket servers with a corresponding verbosity level.

wasm_external_transport: Option<ExtTransport>

Optional external implementation of a libp2p transport. Used in WASM contexts where we need some binding between the networking provided by the operating system or environment and libp2p.

This parameter exists whatever the target platform is, but it is expected to be set to Some only when compiling for WASM.

Important: Each individual call to write corresponds to one message. There is no internal buffering going on. In the context of WebSockets, each write must be one individual WebSockets frame.

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