[][src]Struct rusttype::ScaledGlyph

pub struct ScaledGlyph<'font> { /* fields omitted */ }

A glyph augmented with scaling information. You can query such a glyph for information that depends on the scale of the glyph.


impl<'font> ScaledGlyph<'font>[src]

pub fn id(&self) -> GlyphId[src]

The glyph identifier for this glyph.

pub fn font(&self) -> &Font<'font>[src]

The font to which this glyph belongs.

pub fn into_unscaled(self) -> Glyph<'font>[src]

A reference to this glyph without the scaling

pub fn unscaled(&self) -> &Glyph<'font>[src]

Removes the scaling from this glyph

pub fn build_outline(&self, builder: &mut impl OutlineBuilder) -> bool[src]

Builds the outline of the glyph with the builder specified. Returns false when the outline is either malformed or empty.

pub fn positioned(self, p: Point<f32>) -> PositionedGlyph<'font>[src]

Augments this glyph with positioning information, making methods that depend on the position of the glyph available.

pub fn scale(&self) -> Scale[src]

pub fn h_metrics(&self) -> HMetrics[src]

Retrieves the "horizontal metrics" of this glyph. See HMetrics for more detail.

pub fn exact_bounding_box(&self) -> Option<Rect<f32>>[src]

The bounding box of the shape of this glyph, not to be confused with pixel_bounding_box, the conservative pixel-boundary bounding box. The coordinates are relative to the glyph's origin.

Trait Implementations

impl<'font> Clone for ScaledGlyph<'font>[src]

impl<'_> Debug for ScaledGlyph<'_>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'font> RefUnwindSafe for ScaledGlyph<'font>

impl<'font> Send for ScaledGlyph<'font>

impl<'font> Sync for ScaledGlyph<'font>

impl<'font> Unpin for ScaledGlyph<'font>

impl<'font> UnwindSafe for ScaledGlyph<'font>

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