Module rustls::server

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Items for use in a server.


  • Represents a ClientHello message received through the Acceptor.
  • Handle on a server-side connection before configuration is available.
  • A ClientCertVerifier that will allow both anonymous and authenticated clients, without any name checking.
  • A ClientCertVerifier that will ensure that every client provides a trusted certificate, without any name checking. Optionally, client certificates will have their revocation status checked using the DER encoded CRLs provided.
  • ClientCertVerifieddangerous_configuration
    Zero-sized marker type representing verification of a client cert chain.
  • A struct representing the received Client Hello
  • A type which encapsulates an owned string that is a syntactically valid DNS name.
  • Turns off client authentication.
  • Something which never stores sessions.
  • ParsedCertificatedangerous_configuration
    wrapper around internal representation of a parsed certificate. This is used in order to avoid parsing twice when specifying custom verification
  • Allows reading of early data in resumed TLS1.3 connections.
  • Something that resolves do different cert chains/keys based on client-supplied server name (via SNI).
  • Common configuration for a set of server sessions.
  • This represents a single TLS server connection.
  • State associated with a server connection.
  • An implementer of StoresServerSessions that stores everything in memory. If enforces a limit on the number of stored sessions to bound memory usage.
  • An unparsed DER encoded Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
  • A config builder state where the caller must supply how to provide a server certificate to the connecting peer.