1.36.0[][src]Struct std::task::Waker

pub struct Waker { /* fields omitted */ }

A Waker is a handle for waking up a task by notifying its executor that it is ready to be run.

This handle encapsulates a RawWaker instance, which defines the executor-specific wakeup behavior.

Implements Clone, trait@Send, and trait@Sync.


impl Waker[src]

pub fn wake(self)[src]

Wake up the task associated with this Waker.

pub fn wake_by_ref(&self)[src]

Wake up the task associated with this Waker without consuming the Waker.

This is similar to wake, but may be slightly less efficient in the case where an owned Waker is available. This method should be preferred to calling waker.clone().wake().

pub fn will_wake(&self, other: &Waker) -> bool[src]

Returns true if this Waker and another Waker have awoken the same task.

This function works on a best-effort basis, and may return false even when the Wakers would awaken the same task. However, if this function returns true, it is guaranteed that the Wakers will awaken the same task.

This function is primarily used for optimization purposes.

pub unsafe fn from_raw(waker: RawWaker) -> Waker[src]

Creates a new Waker from RawWaker.

The behavior of the returned Waker is undefined if the contract defined in RawWaker's and RawWakerVTable's documentation is not upheld. Therefore this method is unsafe.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for Waker[src]

impl Debug for Waker[src]

impl Sync for Waker[src]

impl Send for Waker[src]

impl Unpin for Waker[src]

impl Clone for Waker[src]

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