[][src]Enum syntax_pos::hygiene::ExpnKind

pub enum ExpnKind {

Expansion kind.



No expansion, aka root expansion. Only ExpnId::root() has this kind.


Expansion produced by a macro. FIXME: Some code injected by the compiler before HIR lowering also gets this kind.


Desugaring done by the compiler during HIR lowering.


impl ExpnKind[src]

pub fn descr(&self) -> Symbol[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ExpnKind[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for ExpnKind[src]

impl Encodable for ExpnKind[src]

impl Decodable for ExpnKind[src]

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