[][src]Struct rustc_errors::HandlerFlags

pub struct HandlerFlags {
    pub can_emit_warnings: bool,
    pub treat_err_as_bug: Option<usize>,
    pub dont_buffer_diagnostics: bool,
    pub report_delayed_bugs: bool,
    pub external_macro_backtrace: bool,


can_emit_warnings: bool

If false, warning-level lints are suppressed. (rustc: see --allow warnings and --cap-lints)

treat_err_as_bug: Option<usize>

If true, error-level diagnostics are upgraded to bug-level. (rustc: see -Z treat-err-as-bug)

dont_buffer_diagnostics: bool

If true, immediately emit diagnostics that would otherwise be buffered. (rustc: see -Z dont-buffer-diagnostics and -Z treat-err-as-bug)

report_delayed_bugs: bool

If true, immediately print bugs registered with delay_span_bug. (rustc: see -Z report-delayed-bugs)

external_macro_backtrace: bool

show macro backtraces even for non-local macros. (rustc: see -Z external-macro-backtrace)

Trait Implementations

impl Default for HandlerFlags[src]

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