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pushrod is a GUI library for Rust.


Pushrod uses the following dependency:

This example is not tested
version = "^0.32"
features = ["ttf", "image"]

To use the crate in your project, add the following dependencies:

This example is not tested
rust-pushrod = "^0.4"

This will pull in the latest version.

Core Components

pushrod::render is the core rendering components, containing the Widget base class, and drawing loop logic. pushrod::widgets is the extended Widget component library.



layouts is the core layout managers included with Pushrod.


render is the core rendering/event loop portion of Pushrod.


widgets is a core rendering library used by Pushrod, containing the default set of Widgets.



This macro is used by Widget implementations, which auto-injects getter code for the Widget's properties. Since all Widget implementations share these functions, and must implement them locally, this macro serves as a quick way to implement the same reused code automatically.