[][src]Struct rusoto_core::request::HttpConfig

pub struct HttpConfig { /* fields omitted */ }

Configuration options for the HTTP Client


impl HttpConfig[src]

pub fn new() -> HttpConfig[src]

Create a new HttpConfig

pub fn read_buf_size(&mut self, sz: usize)[src]

Sets the size of the read buffer for inbound data A larger buffer size might result in better performance by requiring fewer copies out of the socket buffer.

pub fn pool_idle_timeout<D>(&mut self, timeout: D) where
    D: Into<Option<Duration>>, 

Set an timeout for idle sockets being kept-alive. Some AWS services, like S3 require this value to match the one configured at the server's level in order to avoid connection closed errors.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for HttpConfig[src]

pub fn default() -> HttpConfig[src]

Create a new HttpConfig. Same as HttpConfig::new().

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