[][src]Struct runng::mem::string::NngString

pub struct NngString { /* fields omitted */ }

Handle to an owned NNG string. See nng_strfree.


impl NngString[src]

pub fn new<T: Into<Vec<u8>>>(t: T) -> Result<Self>[src]

Create a new string.

pub unsafe fn from_raw(pointer: *mut c_char) -> NngString[src]

Create a new string using char* obtained from NNG.


Takes ownership of pointer and calls nng_strfree when dropped.

pub fn dup(&self) -> NngString[src]

Duplicate string. See nng_strdup

pub fn to_str(&self) -> Result<&str, Utf8Error>[src]

Helper that calls Cstr::to_str().

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for NngString[src]

impl Debug for NngString[src]

impl Drop for NngString[src]

impl PartialEq<NngString> for NngString[src]

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