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The high-level intermediate representation of the RTLola Monitoring Framework

This crate offers functionality to transform the abstract syntax tree (See RtLolaAst) of an RTLola specification into a high-level intermediate representation. It contains more convenient methods than the Ast, enables different analysis steps and provides their reports. The Hir traverses several modes representing the level to which it was analyzed and refined.

§HIR Modes

  • RtLolaHir<BaseMode> is the base mode of the Hir. In this state, the hir contains multiple convenience methods to work with the specification.
  • RtLolaHir<DepAnaMode> additionally features the dependency analysis.
  • RtLolaHir<TypedMode> annotates the streams with value and pacing type information.
  • RtLolaHir<OrderedMode> orders the streams into layers of streams which can be evaluated at the same time.
  • RtLolaHir<MemBoundMode> enriches the streams with their memory requirements.
  • RtLolaHir<CompleteMode> finalizes the Hir to its fully analyzed state. Refer to RtLolaHir for more details.



  • This module covers the High-Level Intermediate Representation (HIR) of an RTLola specification.