Enum routing::InterfaceError[][src]

pub enum InterfaceError {
    EventSenderError(EventSenderError<MaidSafeEventCategory, Action>),

The type of errors that can occur if routing is unable to handle a send request.


We are not connected to the network.

We are not in a state to handle the action.

Error while trying to receive a message from a channel

Error while trying to transmit an event via a channel

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for InterfaceError

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl From<EventSenderError<MaidSafeEventCategory, Action>> for InterfaceError

Performs the conversion.

impl From<RecvError> for InterfaceError

Performs the conversion.

impl From<InterfaceError> for RoutingError

Performs the conversion.

Auto Trait Implementations