[][src]Struct rocket_prometheus::PrometheusMetrics

#[must_use = "must be attached and mounted to a Rocket instance"]pub struct PrometheusMetrics { /* fields omitted */ }

Fairing and Handler implementing request instrumentation.

By default this tracks two metrics:

  • rocket_http_requests_total (labels: endpoint, method, status): the total number of HTTP requests handled by Rocket.
  • rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds (labels: endpoint, method, status): the request duration for all HTTP requests handled by Rocket.

The 'rocket' prefix of these metrics can be changed by setting the ROCKET_PROMETHEUS_NAMESPACE environment variable.


Simply attach and mount a PrometheusMetrics instance to your Rocket app as for a normal fairing / handler:

use rocket_prometheus::PrometheusMetrics;

let prometheus = PrometheusMetrics::new();
    .mount("/metrics", prometheus)

Metrics will then be available on the "/metrics" endpoint:

$ curl localhost:8000/metrics
# HELP rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds HTTP request duration in seconds for all requests
# TYPE rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds histogram
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.005"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.01"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.025"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.05"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.1"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.25"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="0.5"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="1"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="2.5"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="5"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="10"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_bucket{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200",le="+Inf"} 2
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_sum{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200"} 0.0011045669999999999
rocket_http_requests_duration_seconds_count{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200"} 2
# HELP rocket_http_requests_total Total number of HTTP requests
# TYPE rocket_http_requests_total counter
rocket_http_requests_total{endpoint="/metrics",method="GET",status="200"} 2


impl PrometheusMetrics[src]

pub fn registry(&self) -> &Registry[src]

Get the registry used by this fairing.

You can use this to register further metrics, causing them to be exposed along with the default metrics on the PrometheusMetrics handler.

use once_cell::sync::Lazy;
use prometheus::{opts, IntCounter};
use rocket_prometheus::PrometheusMetrics;

static MY_COUNTER: Lazy<IntCounter> = Lazy::new(|| {
    IntCounter::new("my_counter", "A counter I use a lot")
        .expect("Could not create counter")

let prometheus = PrometheusMetrics::new();

impl PrometheusMetrics[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Create a new PrometheusMetrics.

pub fn with_registry(registry: Registry) -> Self[src]

Create a new PrometheusMetrics with a custom Registry.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PrometheusMetrics[src]

impl Default for PrometheusMetrics[src]

impl Fairing for PrometheusMetrics[src]

impl Handler for PrometheusMetrics[src]

impl Into<Vec<Route>> for PrometheusMetrics[src]

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