Trait rlink::api::function::OutputFormat[][src]

pub trait OutputFormat where
    Self: NamedFunction + CheckpointFunction
{ fn open(&mut self, context: &Context) -> Result<()>;
fn write_record(&mut self, record: Record);
fn close(&mut self) -> Result<()>; fn write_element(&mut self, element: Element) { ... } }

Required methods

fn open(&mut self, context: &Context) -> Result<()>[src]

Opens a parallel instance of the output format to store the result of its parallel instance.

When this method is called, the output format it guaranteed to be configured.

taskNumber The number of the parallel instance. numTasks The number of parallel tasks.

fn write_record(&mut self, record: Record)[src]

fn close(&mut self) -> Result<()>[src]

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Provided methods

fn write_element(&mut self, element: Element)[src]

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impl OutputFormat for PrintOutputFormat[src]

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