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The RISC Zero zkVM is a RISC-V virtual machine that produces zero-knowledge proofs of code it executes. By using the zkVM, a cryptographic receipt is produced which anyone can verify was produced by the zkVM’s guest code. No additional information about the code execution (such as, for example, the inputs provided) is revealed by publishing the receipt.

In addition to our reference documentation on, we have additional (non-reference) resources for using our zkVM that you may also find helpful, especially if you’re new to the RISC Zero zkVM. These include:

  • Our Hello World demo – a minimal zkVM application that works out-of-the-box.
  • Our zkVM Tutorial, which walks you through writing your first zkVM project.
  • The cargo risczero tool. It includes a new command which generates code for building and launching a zkVM guest and guidance on where projects most commonly modify host and guest code.
  • The examples folder, which contains various examples using our zkVM.
  • This clip from our presentation at ZK Hack III gives an overview of the RISC Zero zkVM. Our YouTube channel has many more videos as well.
  • We track zkVM issues with known workarounds using the rust guest workarounds GitHub tag. If you’re having problems running your code in the zkVM, you can see if there’s a workaround, and if you’re using a workaround, you can track when it gets resolved to a permanent solution.
  • And more on the RISC Zero developer website!

Crate Feature Flags

The following crate feature flags are available.

Note that in order to use risc0-zkvm in the guest, you must disable the “prove” feature by setting default-features = false.

cudaprove, stdTurns on CUDA GPU acceleration for the prover. Requires CUDA toolkit to be installed.
metalmacosprove, stdTurns on Metal GPU acceleration for the prover.
profilerallTracks where cycles are spent during guest execution as an aid to code optimization.
proveall except rv32imstdEnables the prover, incompatible within the zkvm guest.
stdallSupport for the Rust stdlib.


  • The RISC Zero zkVM’s guest-side RISC-V API.
  • Re-exports for recursion
  • Serialization and deserialization tools for the RISC Zero zkVM
  • SHA-256 hashing services


  • Construct a SyscallName declaration at compile time.
  • Used for defining a main entrypoint.






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