Trait redis::FromRedisValue[][src]

pub trait FromRedisValue: Sized {
    fn from_redis_value(v: &Value) -> RedisResult<Self>;

    fn from_redis_values(items: &[Value]) -> RedisResult<Vec<Self>> { ... }
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This trait is used to convert a redis value into a more appropriate type. While a redis Value can represent any response that comes back from the redis server, usually you want to map this into something that works better in rust. For instance you might want to convert the return value into a String or an integer.

This trait is well supported throughout the library and you can implement it for your own types if you want.

In addition to what you can see from the docs, this is also implemented for tuples up to size 12 and for Vec.

Required methods

Given a redis Value this attempts to convert it into the given destination type. If that fails because it’s not compatible an appropriate error is generated.

Provided methods

Similar to from_redis_value but constructs a vector of objects from another vector of values. This primarily exists internally to customize the behavior for vectors of tuples.

Implementations on Foreign Types