[][src]Crate read_tree

This crate provides a library for creating and then querying trees. The trees are not intended to be modified after their initial creation.

Internally trees are represented by a Vec<Vertex<T>> where each vertex carries the payload of that node in the tree and the number of its descendants. In addition the vertices are sorted depth first; meaning every vertex is followed by the vertex of its first child. Using the length of a vertex we can easily skip a nodes entire subtree and can instantly access its sibling.

Slicing a tree into a node is as simple as slicing the trees vertices buffer into a &[Vertex<T>]. We wrap this slice in a Node<T>.


Trees are created using Saplings. Nodes can be attached to a sapling by using push. When a node is added to a sapling it is also selected as the parent for nodes that are added later. To finish a node and reselect its parent call pop. When adding a node with no children use push_leaf. There are more methods to push other saplings, trees or even nodes. See Sapling for more information.

When the sapling is complete, you can build it into a Tree<T>. The resulting tree can no longer be modified. Navigating trees is done by using slices of trees called Node<T>. To get started use as_node on a tree to get its root node which represents the entire tree.

Nodes support various iterators to navigate their contents.

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    use read_tree::Sapling;

    let mut sap = Sapling::new();

    let tree = sap.build()?;
    let root = tree.as_node();

    assert_eq!(root.data(), &1);



Iterates all ancestors of a node starting with the parent of the node.


Iterates the children of a node.


Iterates all descendants of a node depth first.


A slice of a Tree<T> or PolyTree<T>.


A read-only poly-tree data structure.


A builder to construct Tree<T>s and PolyTree<T>s.


A read-only tree data structure.


An internal type that stores the payload and relationships of a node in a Tree<T> or PolyTree<T>.



An error returned when attempting to build a Sapling<T>.


An error returned when validating a vertex slice.