[][src]Struct ratelimit_meter::example_algorithms::Allower

pub struct Allower {}

The most naive implementation of a rate-limiter ever: Always allows every cell through.


use ratelimit_meter::DirectRateLimiter;
use ratelimit_meter::example_algorithms::Allower;
let mut allower = Allower::ratelimiter();


impl Allower[src]

pub fn ratelimiter() -> DirectRateLimiter<Allower, ForeverClock>[src]

Return a rate-limiter that lies, i.e. that allows all requests through.

Trait Implementations

impl Algorithm<Always> for Allower[src]

type BucketState = ()

The state of a single rate limiting bucket. Read more

type NegativeDecision = Impossible

The type returned when a rate limiting decision for a single cell is negative. Each rate limiting algorithm can decide to return the type that suits it best, but most algorithms' decisions also implement NonConformance, to ease handling of how long to wait. Read more

fn test_n_and_update(
    _state: &Self::BucketState,
    _n: u32,
    _t0: Always
) -> Result<(), NegativeMultiDecision<Impossible>>

Allows all cells through unconditionally.

impl RateLimitState<Allower, Always> for ()[src]

impl Default for Allower[src]

impl Clone for Allower[src]

impl Copy for Allower[src]

impl Debug for Allower[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Allower

impl Unpin for Allower

impl Sync for Allower

impl UnwindSafe for Allower

impl RefUnwindSafe for Allower

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