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Rapier is a set of two Rust crates rapier2d and rapier3d for efficient cross-platform physics simulation. It target application include video games, animation, robotics, etc.

Rapier has some unique features for collaborative applications:

  • The ability to snapshot the state of the physics engine, and restore it later.
  • The ability to run a perfectly deterministic simulation on different machine, as long as they are compliant with the IEEE 754-2008 floating point standard.

User documentation for Rapier is on the official Rapier site.


pub extern crate crossbeam;
pub extern crate nalgebra as na;
pub extern crate parry3d as parry;


Counters for benchmarking various parts of the physics engine.

Data structures modified with guaranteed deterministic behavior after deserialization.

Structures related to dynamics: bodies, joints, etc.

Structures related to geometry: colliders, shapes, etc.

Elementary mathematical entities (vectors, matrices, isometries, etc).

Structure for combining the various physics components to perform an actual simulation.

Prelude containing the common types defined by Rapier.

Miscellaneous utilities.


The string version of Rapier.