Trait pyo3::conversion::IntoPyPointer[][src]

pub trait IntoPyPointer {
    fn into_ptr(self) -> *mut PyObject;

This trait allows retrieving the underlying FFI pointer from Python objects.

Required methods

fn into_ptr(self) -> *mut PyObject[src]

Retrieves the underlying FFI pointer. Whether pointer owned or borrowed depends on implementation.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T> IntoPyPointer for Option<T> where
    T: IntoPyPointer

Convert None into a null pointer.

impl<'a, T> IntoPyPointer for &'a T where
    T: AsPyPointer

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impl<T> IntoPyPointer for Py<T>[src]

#[must_use]fn into_ptr(self) -> *mut PyObject[src]

Gets the underlying FFI pointer, returns a owned pointer.

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