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Proptest Reference Documentation

This is the reference documentation for the proptest API.

For documentation on how to get started with proptest and general usage advice, please refer to the Proptest Book.


Defines the Arbitrary trait and related free functions and type aliases.
Support for strategies producing fixed-length arrays.
Strategies for working with bit sets.
Strategies for generating bool values.
Strategies for generating char values.
Strategies for generating std::collections of values.
Strategies to generate numeric values (as opposed to integers used as bit fields).
Strategies for generating std::Option values.
Re-exports the most commonly-needed APIs of proptest.
Strategies for combining delegate strategies into std::Results.
Strategies for generating values by taking samples of collections.
Defines the core traits used by Proptest.
Strategies for generating strings and byte strings from regular expressions.
State and functions for running proptest tests.
Support for combining strategies into tuples.