Module proptest::test_runner

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State and functions for running proptest tests.

You do not normally need to access things in this module directly except when implementing new low-level strategies.


  • Configuration for how a proptest test should be run.
  • Failure persistence option that loads and saves seeds in memory on the heap. This may be useful when accumulating test failures across multiple TestRunner instances for external reporting or batched persistence.
  • Opaque struct representing a seed which can be persisted.
  • The reason for why something, such as a generated value, was rejected.
  • A key used for the result cache.
  • Proptest’s random number generator.
  • State used when running a proptest test.


  • Describes how failing test cases are persisted.
  • Identifies a particular RNG algorithm supported by proptest.
  • Errors which can be returned from test cases to indicate non-successful completion.
  • A failure state from running test cases for a single test.


  • Verbose level 1 to show failures. In state machine tests this level is used to print transitions.


  • Provides external persistence for historical test failures by storing seeds.
  • An object which can cache the outcomes of tests.


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