[][src]Struct primes::TrialDivision

pub struct TrialDivision { /* fields omitted */ }

A prime generator, using the Trial Division method.

Create with let mut pset = TrialDivision::new(), and then use pset.iter() to iterate over all primes.


impl TrialDivision[src]

pub fn new() -> TrialDivision[src]

A new prime generator, primed with 2 and 3

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TrialDivision[src]

impl Default for TrialDivision[src]

impl Index<usize> for TrialDivision[src]

type Output = u64

The returned type after indexing.

impl PrimeSetBasics for TrialDivision[src]

fn expand(&mut self)[src]

Finds one more prime, and adds it to the list

fn list(&self) -> &[u64][src]

Return all primes found so far as a slice

Auto Trait Implementations

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