[][src]Struct postgres_native_tls::MakeTlsConnector

pub struct MakeTlsConnector(_);

A MakeTlsConnect implementation using the native-tls crate.

Requires the runtime Cargo feature (enabled by default).


impl MakeTlsConnector[src]

pub fn new(connector: TlsConnector) -> MakeTlsConnector[src]

Creates a new connector.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MakeTlsConnector[src]

impl<S> MakeTlsConnect<S> for MakeTlsConnector where
    S: AsyncRead + AsyncWrite + Unpin + 'static + Send

type Stream = TlsStream<S>

The stream type created by the TlsConnect implementation.

type TlsConnect = TlsConnector

The TlsConnect implementation created by this type.

type Error = Error

The error type returned by the TlsConnect implementation.

Auto Trait Implementations

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