Struct plotpy::Curve[][src]

pub struct Curve {
    pub label: String,
    pub line_alpha: f64,
    pub line_color: String,
    pub line_style: String,
    pub line_width: f64,
    pub marker_color: String,
    pub marker_every: i32,
    pub marker_void: bool,
    pub marker_line_color: String,
    pub marker_line_width: f64,
    pub marker_size: f64,
    pub marker_style: String,
    // some fields omitted
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Generates a curve (aka line-plot) given two arrays (x,y)


  • This struct corresponds to the plot function of Matplotlib.
  • You may plot a Scatter plot by setting line_style = “None”


// import
use plotpy::*;
use std::path::Path;

// directory to save figures
const OUT_DIR: &str = "/tmp/plotpy/doc_tests";

// generate (x,y) points
let x = &[1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0];
let y = &[1.0, 4.0, 9.0, 16.0, 25.0, 36.0, 49.0, 64.0];

// configure and draw curve
let mut curve = Curve::new();
curve.label = "parabolic".to_string();
curve.line_alpha = 0.95;
curve.line_color = "#5f9cd8".to_string();
curve.line_style = "-".to_string();
curve.line_width = 5.0;
curve.marker_color = "#eeea83".to_string();
curve.marker_every = 1;
curve.marker_line_color = "#da98d1".to_string();
curve.marker_line_width = 2.5;
curve.marker_size = 20.0;
curve.marker_style = "*".to_string();
curve.draw(x, y);

// add curve to plot
let mut plot = Plot::new();
plot.grid_and_labels("x", "y");

// save figure
let path = Path::new(OUT_DIR).join("doc_curve.svg");;



label: String

Label; name of this curve in the legend

line_alpha: f64

Opacity of lines (0, 1]. A<1e-14 => A=1.0

line_color: String

Color of lines

line_style: String

Style of lines

Options: “-”, :“, “--”, “-.”, or “None

As defined in

line_width: f64

Width of lines

marker_color: String

Color of markers

marker_every: i32

Increment of data points to use when drawing markers

marker_void: bool

Draw a void marker (draw edge only)

marker_line_color: String

Edge color of markers

marker_line_width: f64

Edge width of markers

marker_size: f64

Size of markers

marker_style: String

Style of markers, e.g., “o”, “+

As defined in


Creates new Curve object

Draws curve


  • x - abscissa values
  • y - ordinate values


  • The type T of the input array must be a number.

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