[][src]Struct plotlib::grid::Grid

pub struct Grid {
    pub nx: u32,
    pub ny: u32,
    pub color: String,

Configuration for the grid on a plot

Supports changing the number of grid lines for the x and y dimensions. Note: for categorical plots, only horizontal lines will be shown.


nx: u32

Number of vertical grid lines (defaults to 3)

ny: u32

Number of horizontal grid lines (defaults to 3)

color: String

Color of the grid lines (defaults to "darkgrey")


impl Grid[src]

pub fn new(nx: u32, ny: u32) -> Grid[src]

Create a new grid with nx vertical and ny horizontal grid lines

The default colour is "darkgrey".

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Grid[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Grid

impl Send for Grid

impl Sync for Grid

impl Unpin for Grid

impl UnwindSafe for Grid

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