[][src]Struct pcre2::Error

pub struct Error { /* fields omitted */ }

A PCRE2 error.

An error can occur during compilation or during matching. The kind of this error indicates the type of operation being performed when the error occurred.


impl Error[src]

pub fn kind(&self) -> &ErrorKind[src]

Return the kind of this error.

The kind indicates the type of operation that was attempted which resulted in this error.

pub fn code(&self) -> c_int[src]

Return the raw underlying PCRE2 error code.

This can be useful if one needs to determine exactly which error occurred, which can be done with case analysis over the constants exported in the pcre2-sys crate.

pub fn offset(&self) -> Option<usize>[src]

Return the underlying offset associated with this error, if one exists.

The offset is typically only available for compile time errors, and is supposed to indicate the general position in the pattern where an error occurred.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Error[src]

impl Debug for Error[src]

impl Display for Error[src]

impl Error for Error[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Error

impl Send for Error

impl Sync for Error

impl Unpin for Error

impl UnwindSafe for Error

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