[][src]Crate os_thread_local

OS-backed thread-local storage

This crate provides a ThreadLocal type as an alternative to std::thread_local! that allows per-object thread-local storage, while providing a similar API. It always uses the thread-local storage primitives provided by the OS.

On Unix systems, pthread-based thread-local storage is used.

On Windows, fiber-local storage is used. This acts like thread-local storage when fibers are unused, but also provides per-fiber values after fibers are created with e.g. winapi::um::winbase::CreateFiber.

See ThreadLocal for more details.

The thread_local crate also provides per-object thread-local storage, with a different API, and different features, but with more performance overhead than this one.



An error returned by ThreadLocal::try_with.


A thread-local storage handle.