[][src]Struct optlib::genetic::logging::VerboseStdoutLogger

pub struct VerboseStdoutLogger { /* fields omitted */ }

The logger prints out to stdout best chromosomes and goal function for every generation.


impl VerboseStdoutLogger[src]

pub fn new(precision: usize) -> Self[src]



  • precision - count of the digits after comma for float numbers.

Trait Implementations

impl<G: Clone + Display> Logger<Vec<G>> for VerboseStdoutLogger[src]

fn start(&mut self, _population: &Population<T>)[src]

Will be called after population initializing.

fn resume(&mut self, _population: &Population<T>)[src]

Will be called before run algorithm (possibly after result algorithm after pause).

fn finish(&mut self, _population: &Population<T>)[src]

Will be called when algorithm will be stopped.

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