This error exists so that we can defer SourceCode handling. It simply forwards most methods, except for .source_code(), which we provide.

A potentially infinite stream of values, optinally with a mean to send a Ctrl-C signal to stop the stream from continuing.

Collection of definitions that can be exported from a module

Definition of a parsed keybinding from the config object

Definition of a parsed menu from the config object

Spans are a global offset across all seen files, which are cached in the engine’s state. The start and end offset together make the inclusive start/exclusive end pair for where to underline to highlight a given point of interest.

A spanned area of interest, generic over what kind of thing is of interest


The foundational abstraction for input and output to commands

The fundamental error type for the evaluation engine. These cases represent different kinds of errors the evaluator might face, along with helpful spans to label. An error renderer will take this error value and pass it into an error viewer to display to the user.

The syntactic shapes that values must match to be passed into a command. You can think of this as the type-checking that occurs when you call a function.

Core structured values that pass through the pipeline in Nushell.




Format a duration in nanoseconds into a string

Used when you have a slice of spans of at least size 1

Type Definitions