Struct nix::sys::socket::UnixAddr [] [src]

pub struct UnixAddr(pub sockaddr_un, pub usize);

A wrapper around sockaddr_un. We track the length of sun_path (excluding a terminating null), because it may not be null-terminated. For example, unconnected and Linux abstract sockets are never null-terminated, and POSIX does not require that sun_len include the terminating null even for normal sockets. Note that the actual sockaddr length is greater by offset_of!(libc::sockaddr_un, sun_path)


impl UnixAddr

Create a new sockaddr_un representing a filesystem path.

Create a new sockaddr_un representing an address in the "abstract namespace". This is a Linux-specific extension, primarily used to allow chrooted processes to communicate with specific daemons.

If this address represents a filesystem path, return that path.

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