[][src]Enum next_gen::GeneratorState

pub enum GeneratorState<Yield, Return = ()> {

Value obtained when polling a GeneratorFn.

This corresponds to:



The Generator suspended with a value.

This state indicates that a Generator has been suspended, and corresponds to a yield_! statement. The value provided in this variant corresponds to the expression passed to yield_! and allows generators to provide a value each time they yield_!.


The Generator completed with a Return value.

This state indicates that a Generator has finished execution with the provided value. Once a generator has returned Return, it is considered a programmer error to call .resume() again.

Trait Implementations

impl<Yield: Clone, Return: Clone> Clone for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: Copy, Return: Copy> Copy for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: Eq, Return: Eq> Eq for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: Ord, Return: Ord> Ord for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: PartialEq, Return: PartialEq> PartialEq<GeneratorState<Yield, Return>> for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: PartialOrd, Return: PartialOrd> PartialOrd<GeneratorState<Yield, Return>> for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: Debug, Return: Debug> Debug for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield: Hash, Return: Hash> Hash for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield, Return> StructuralPartialEq for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

impl<Yield, Return> StructuralEq for GeneratorState<Yield, Return>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<Yield, Return> Send for GeneratorState<Yield, Return> where
    Return: Send,
    Yield: Send

impl<Yield, Return> Sync for GeneratorState<Yield, Return> where
    Return: Sync,
    Yield: Sync

impl<Yield, Return> Unpin for GeneratorState<Yield, Return> where
    Return: Unpin,
    Yield: Unpin

impl<Yield, Return> UnwindSafe for GeneratorState<Yield, Return> where
    Return: UnwindSafe,
    Yield: UnwindSafe

impl<Yield, Return> RefUnwindSafe for GeneratorState<Yield, Return> where
    Return: RefUnwindSafe,
    Yield: RefUnwindSafe

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