pub trait Dimension: Clone + Eq + Debug + Send + Sync + Default + IndexMut<usize, Output = usize> + Add<Self, Output = Self> + AddAssign + for<'x> AddAssign<&'x Self> + Sub<Self, Output = Self> + SubAssign + for<'x> SubAssign<&'x Self> + Mul<usize, Output = Self> + Mul<Self, Output = Self> + MulAssign + for<'x> MulAssign<&'x Self> + MulAssign<usize> + DimMax<Ix0, Output = Self> + DimMax<Self, Output = Self> + DimMax<IxDyn, Output = IxDyn> + DimMax<Self::Smaller, Output = Self> + DimMax<Self::Larger, Output = Self::Larger> + DimAdd<Self> + DimAdd<Self::Smaller> + DimAdd<Self::Larger> + DimAdd<Ix0, Output = Self> + DimAdd<Ix1, Output = Self::Larger> + DimAdd<IxDyn, Output = IxDyn> {
    type Pattern: IntoDimension<Dim = Self> + Clone + Debug + PartialEq + Eq + Default;
    type Smaller: Dimension;
    type Larger: Dimension + RemoveAxis;

    const NDIM: Option<usize>;

    fn ndim(&self) -> usize;
    fn into_pattern(self) -> Self::Pattern;
    fn zeros(ndim: usize) -> Self;

    fn size(&self) -> usize { ... }
    fn size_checked(&self) -> Option<usize> { ... }
    fn as_array_view(&self) -> ArrayView1<'_, Ix> { ... }
    fn as_array_view_mut(&mut self) -> ArrayViewMut1<'_, Ix> { ... }
    fn into_dyn(self) -> IxDyn { ... }
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Array shape and index trait.

This trait defines a number of methods and operations that can be used on dimensions and indices.

Note: This trait can not be implemented outside the crate

Required Associated Types

Pattern matching friendly form of the dimension value.

  • For Ix1: usize,
  • For Ix2: (usize, usize)
  • and so on..
  • For IxDyn: IxDyn

Next smaller dimension (if applicable)

Next larger dimension

Required Associated Constants

For fixed-size dimension representations (e.g. Ix2), this should be Some(ndim), and for variable-size dimension representations (e.g. IxDyn), this should be None.

Required Methods

Returns the number of dimensions (number of axes).

Convert the dimension into a pattern matching friendly value.

Creates a dimension of all zeros with the specified ndim.

This method is useful for generalizing over fixed-size and variable-size dimension representations.

Panics if Self has a fixed size that is not ndim.

Provided Methods

Compute the size of the dimension (number of elements)

Compute the size while checking for overflow.

Borrow as a read-only array view.

Borrow as a read-write array view.

Convert the dimensional into a dynamic dimensional (IxDyn).


IxDyn is a “dynamic” index, pretty hard to use when indexing, and memory wasteful, but it allows an arbitrary and dynamic number of axes.