[][src]Trait ndarray::ShapeBuilder

pub trait ShapeBuilder {
    type Dim: Dimension;
    type Strides;
    fn into_shape(self) -> Shape<Self::Dim>;
fn f(self) -> Shape<Self::Dim>;
fn set_f(self, is_f: bool) -> Shape<Self::Dim>;
fn strides(self, strides: Self::Strides) -> StrideShape<Self::Dim>; }

A trait for Shape and D where D: Dimension that allows customizing the memory layout (strides) of an array shape.

This trait is used together with array constructor methods like Array::from_shape_vec.

Associated Types

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Required methods

fn into_shape(self) -> Shape<Self::Dim>

fn f(self) -> Shape<Self::Dim>

fn set_f(self, is_f: bool) -> Shape<Self::Dim>

fn strides(self, strides: Self::Strides) -> StrideShape<Self::Dim>

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impl<D> ShapeBuilder for Shape<D> where
    D: Dimension

type Dim = D

type Strides = D

impl<T> ShapeBuilder for T where
    T: IntoDimension

type Dim = T::Dim

type Strides = T

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